Newsletter-Cayman Islands-Update

newsletter-group-picThe George C.J. Moore P.A. Law Firm offers Patent and Trademark registrations for 26 Caribbean Countries.  Recently members of the firm met with Donnell Dixon, (CIPPO Deputy Registrar General), Candance Westby Fisher (CIPPO Trademark Examiner) and Dax Basdeo (Chief Officer of the Ministry of Financial Services, Commerce & Environment for the Cayman Islands) regarding upcoming changes to the CIPPO procedures.

In furtherance of our June 1st, 2016 newsletter regarding upcoming changes in the Cayman Islands.  CIPPO Deputy Registrar Donnell Dixon has now issued a General Registry Note.

The General Registry has advised that the payment of annual fees will no longer be accepted in advance.  “Patent and Trade mark annual fees will only be accepted in January of each year in which they become due. Where fees remain unpaid after March 31st of each year, the General Registry Department will only accept payment of the outstanding annual fee if the applicable penalty is also paid at the same time together with any other outstanding fees in respect of prior years.”  (Practice Note Number 01/2016)  This change will come into effect on August 1st 2016.

By way of background, in the past the General Registry has been accepting the payment of annual fees in advance of January of each year. As a result, trademark owners have been paying annual fees of up to 10 years in advance of their due date therefore avoiding the need make annual fee payments each year.

The Registrar will accept advance payments before August 1st, 2016.

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