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With more than 30 years of experience prosecuting and protecting trademarks in the Caribbean, you can depend on the George C.J. Moore law firm, d/b/a Caribbean Trademark Services, to secure your intellectual property rights.  Our legal team will be your single point of contact when you need assistance with the various Intellectual Property Laws throughout the Caribbean. We will prepare all of the paperwork that is necessary for you to register a trademark and patent. Our staff has decades of experience helping businesses with the challenging process required to obtain a trademark or patent registration throughout the Caribbean.  Our law firm focuses on providing each client with individual attention from the very first consultation until we have finalized your trademark or patent registration.

To make it easier for our clients to communicate with us, our staff is fluent in English and Spanish with offices in the United States as well as the Caribbean.


We provide information and services for you to be able to register your trademark in the Caribbean.

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for these 29 Jurisdictions:

  • Fanciful: Also known as the “coined” mark, the fanciful trademark is the strongest type of mark. It includes neologisms or newly invented words that are created with no real meaning in any language.  The term is usually not used in common conversation since the word or words are fabricated for the single function of the trademark. Fanciful marks are the easiest type of trademark to protect because the words only have meaning for a specific product.
  • Arbitrary: Arbitrary marks are trademarks that are comprised of words with real meaning in a given language but have no relation to the definitions themselves; these marks are composed of common words but are not actually related to these words.
  • Suggestive: Suggestive trademarks include allusive words that indirectly suggest characteristics of the product or service being sold. The word may suggest an attribute or benefit but does not describe the attributes of the product or service.
  • Descriptive: Descriptive trademarks describe the characteristics of the product by stating functions, features, purposes, or uses.  The exclusive rights to use such marks are very limited. Laudatory terms are generally not registrable.
  • Generic: Generic marks cannot function as trademarks because they include generalized terms that anyone can use to describe products or services being sold. Some trademarks go through genericide, meaning a protectable trademark can become generic through overuse of a term.

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